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Form 401 - statement of change of registered office/agent

If you do not consent, you may be required to pay court costs and any other penalties under the Civil Rules relating to the execution, filing, and service of the petition. Form: This is a mandatory form. If you choose to leave this field blank then you must write: “Yes, I agree” on the form. Signature: This is the person that you want to sign for: The Clerk or Register at the Court. For an application to start proceedings in an action involving a debt under Chapter 31 Who can object? This is an application for an interlocutory order to enforce a judgment. You have the opportunity to object  before the judge, not before the registrar. Objection to the application must be given by you and the person who is being served, when you or them are served. For most persons, this means that this is a person that is served by:.

Statement of change of registered office/agent - texas

Statement of Address and Name/Title of Holder of the Account, This space reserved for mailing address. Submit in duplicate to: Secretary of State. Statement/Form(s): Statement of Purpose; Date Signed By the Holder, Name/ Title of Person Executing the Agreement; Date Signed By the Holder in Representative Capacity/ Agent, Signatures; (if applicable), Signature(s); and Form(s): (as applicable) Form 401. (Revised 5/11) and (if applicable) Signatures. (Added by ORD. 68-00, File No. 00358, App. 4/28/2000; amended by ORD. 31-07, File No. 61579, App. 2/19/2007) (Derivation: Former Administrative Code Sec- ton ; added by ORD. 63-01, File No. 10735, App. 4/25/2001; amended by ORD. 190-99, File No. 990402, App. 12/30/99; ORD. 63-13, File No. 121063, App. 4/28/2013, Eff. 4/19/2014) SEC. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Form 401 - california fair political practices commission

Form. • As a .07 Form if you are a qualified campaign committee. Form 8-K Form 9-K •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • This section is also known as  “Information Reporting Requirements” or the  “Required Reports”. The form of the Form 9-K and Form 8-K will depend on the period described below. Any changes to the form required shall be submitted to the Commission for their approval. Form 8-K The form of the Form 8-K and Form 9-K will depend on the period described below. Any changes to the form required shall be submitted to the Commission for their approval.  Any form of the Form 8-K or the report or statement required as to the following: • the name, business address and social security or Tax Identification Number (SIN) of any person responsible for the production, mailing and filing of the.

401-amendment-to-articles-of-organization.pdf - sos.ri.gov

The company is named Group”, you do not need to specify any sub-part of the group name in this field. 3. To add a company to your group, enter the entity ID and the company name, separated by a space, in the “Enter Company ID Number” field. You can enter two company names, separated by a space. After entering your company names, click the “Add Company” button. You can include only one company name, separated by a space, in the Company Name text box. Note: You don't need to enter the company name in the “Enter Company Name” text box. After you click the “Add Company” button, the Corporate Database calculates the company name you've entered. After you entered the company name, click the “Update Company” button to save this change. You might need to restart the computer for this change to be reflected in the Corporate Database. Click the.

Form 401 - fill online, printable, fillable, blank | pdffiller

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